We Make Gold Frame.
Humor in Animation begins from conversion of Frame.
Goldframe seeks for originality and creativity from conversion of frame,
and works hard to make every frame 'golden'.
People who creates new frame
that is original and creative.
How Goldframe thinks creates.
We think and try to find out what people like and create our unique
style in the process. We create works that contains our originality, which might
look familiar, but never have been seen before.
Our motto is to 'Never publish a work that doesn't meet Goldframe's standard'.
We shall never loose our virture while focusing on the first purpose of work.
Standing on right position on such balance is our way, as well as a goal.



LARVA S3,S4 head of production
MCST online promotional animation director
BEAT MONSTER production manager
NANA FAMILY executive producer



Cyworld UCC promotion film producer
Microsoft short film DP
NIA Band producer/ drummer
KBS ‘Dream High’ 7D DP
MJJ Progress M/V director
Digipedi M/V producer
Pikicast online sitcom director
Biuret Band M/V director
GoldFrame chief producer



Aachi & Ssipak Web animation director
shockboy online animation director
Samsung Galaxy promotion creative director
LG Smartphone promotion creative director
NAUGHTY NUTS creative director
REAL ZOOZOO director

We want

We want to work with someone who has conative and enjoying attitude.
Also, rather than a person who can only produce a good work,we prefer someone
who understands animation and do it with fun.
Learning period can vary but we can educate working skills,
but loving what you do, as a owner of your work, can only be learned by yourself.
Future team-mate who wish to work with us on our next amazing poject,
please don’t hesitate to send a Portfolio, cover letter,and a resume to:


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