Client : / Production Company : GOLDFRAME INC.
'Real ZooZoo', is just like a typical zoo you can find anywhere. But, animals living in 'Real ZooZoo' aren't so typical! This cat called ‘Ssacom’! He’s undefeatable! Lion, the king of animals, Polar bear, the beast of North Pole, And Panda, the fighter from bamboo stand, all live in ‘Real ZooZoo'. But they can't handle the power of 'Ssacom'. Puppy named 'Hotdog' calls himself under boss of 'Real ZooZoo', always sticking to the side of 'Ssacom'
This tricky puppy tries to fool 'Ssacom' whenever ther e's a chance.An ordinary zoo, where crazy animals' mad survival game never ends.Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to 'Real ZooZoo'!
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