Fixes Everything!
Everly has a knack when it comes to fixing the Robots who
visit their home in need of help.
When it comes to people Everly misunderstands their
intentions and is easily confused by their behaviour
as Everly is an android.

Little Everly and her family remind us that it’s Effort more
than the Outcome that Matters, and that Trial and
Especially Error can be Fun in a world that’s just around
the corner.
Everly’s Family takes place in the wonderfully chaotic world of 6-year-old Everly the robot girl where humans and anthropomorphic objects live side by side in harmony.
Objects in the village that need repair still visit Everly’s home as Grandpa Barr used to fix them, now Everly is there to solve their problems.
She has an uncanny ability to see their potential and find the most amazing solutions with the help of her Robots.
Through the trial and error to find the answers Everly also learns more about herself.
Tell me more!
Even though Everly is only six, she is the villages best robot repairer. Mostly due to the influences of her Grandpa and, that fact that she is also a Robot. She calls herself a re-ventor – someone who repairs and invents.
Everly is successful because she can find the value hidden within her Robot guests.
She is very perceptive and usually finds solutions quickly, but sometimes they only work out in the short-term or can cause larger consequences. But when that happens, the helper bots or her parents support Everly to finds a way to work it out. Often when Everly is deep in thought, she hums tunes like her mum.
Everly is optimistic like her parents and is always kind, but she often misses social cues and misinterpret people’s intentions. Everly makes many mistakes too, as she’s still learning what it means to be human and she’s unaware of her super strength.
Sing the song you were born to sing !
Spring likes to hum tunes as she goes about her daily chores and will burst into song to Everly’s delight, sometimes those songs will be picked up as jingles in radio adverts and played in town.
Spring wants to give Everly all the opportunities that the world can offer, so she likes to take her around to meet people.
Sometimes her friends visit, and they reminisce about their days in an indie band which can lead to an impromptu acoustic concert with their children and the bots bopping to the music.
Conner swept her off her feet at one of the parties in the park, and since that fateful day, she’s been head over heels for him. His enthusiasm can make her giggle and they hardly ever quarrel, but if they do, it’s usually because one of them assumes the opposite of what the other wants.
let’s do it!
Everly’s dad is an aspiring athlete. As his Father spent all his time in the workshop inventing, so Conner spent all his days playing outside. Conner dreamt of being a boxer but could never bring himself to punch another person or robot. Conner works part-time as a yoga instructor and loves to exercise. Conner thinks Everly is the best kid ever, he always encourages her to come outside and play but understands that she’s more like his father. Conner believes life should be lived in balance and has a positive outlook which why he and Spring (Everly’s mum) get along so well.
Spring’s songs make him happy, so Conner does whatever he can to make sure that she is happy too. Like volunteering to cook so that the food isn’t burnt or putting away dishes, so they end up in the right place.
Everly could always make an Ei robot to do this, but Conner firmly believes that some things you should do yourself.
Never fear, I’m here.
Junebug is Everly’s silent partner;
he likes to find ways to help her before she even asks.
Junebug adores Everly and gets a little jealous if she spends too much time with the other robots.
He was originally a Fruit Deliverer, but Grandpa Barr thought that with Junebug’s ability to scan and project combined with the soft huggable-ness he would make the perfect helper for his Granddaughter Everly.
Shake, that Groove Ping
Ping gets excited easily, anger quickly and can become extremely nervous. Her emotions are amplified. Ping can sync in with how Everly is feeling or with the other bots around her. She plays music to reflect her emotions. Ping finds comfort in having Everly around as it keeps her grounded.
I’ll get to the bottom of this.
Snorkel is very curious and can easily be suspicious. His quest is always to find out why. Sometimes Snorkel even goes on clue finding missions, but often they lead him to the wrong conclusions. But once you gain Snorkel’s trust, he will be a friend forever.
Believe in me, because I believe in you.
ShuShu is big, but she’s filled with compassion and understanding, her ability to empathizes helps put Everly’s guest at ease. Shushu imagines the stories that she hears then she likes to help the guest overcome their fears. Shushu believes in miracles because if pigs can fly, anything is possible.
let’s party!
I-Cone can light up and turn different colours each with its own unique smell. I-Cone is very supportive and also very strong, so whether you need heavy lifting or a hug, I-Cone has your back.
The funny thing comes from my misunderstanding of
humanity, applying what I learned in the wrong situation and
loving naiveness to others.
Sometimes confused, but Everly's family always finds ways
to make the day better.

Comical dialogue from the point of view of household objects.
Everly’s resolving issues with the clarity only gained by how a
child sees the world.
Silly songs that are sung by Spring and a chorus of Robots.
The role reversal of Everly acting as the mum to her Ei-bots.
Even though it’s a futuristic world Nana’s parents’
home is very humble and
more reflective of today’s average family homes.
Their house is at the edge of the village in a forest,
all the people and robots know where it is.

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